Ledyard Receives Reimbursement

June 8, 2017

I am pleased to announce that Ledyard will receive reimbursement for their school construction projects.

The Department of Administrative Services will reimburse the Town of Ledyard for school construction costs incurred between July 1st when the Governor signs the School Construction Priority Bill and budget into law.

This reimbursement saves the town of Ledyard a significant amount of money in construction costs. Ledyard can continue with the school construction projects they already started and additionally devote town resources elsewhere. I would additionally like to thank Sen. Osten and the entire Ledyard delegation for working together to make this possible.

The project will largely renovate and expand the existing facilities at Gallup Hill and Ledyard Middle schools.

The sixth-graders will move from the elementary schools to Ledyard Middle School, the open floor plans in that building will be eliminated and Ledyard Center School will be closed, sending many of those students to the expanded Gallup Hill School. The new amenities the building will have include air conditioning, new playgrounds and a stand-alone cafeteria.