TNC Bill Passes House

May 11, 2017

I applaud the House passage of a bill that improves the safety of citizens using transportation network companies (TNC’s), such as Uber and Lyft. The bill incorporates language of Conley’s own bill, HB 6275, which aimed to require these companies to submit their drivers to criminal background checks.

House Bill 7126 passed the House of Representatives in a 142 to 39 vote.

The bill, An Act Concerning Motor Vehicles in Livery Service, Taxicabs and Transportation Network Companies, will require Uber and Lyft, prior to permitting an individual to act as a transportation network company driver, to require the individual to be fingerprinted and submit to a state and national criminal history records check. This check will also include a search of local, state, and national sex offender registries.

“I want to thank Rep. Scanlon for including the language of my bill into HB 7126 as it ensures the safety of Connecticut passengers who use TNC’s. Uber and Lyft are popular services and it’s important that passengers of these vehicles feel comfortable with their driver and know that they are being driven by a reliable adult.

The bill prohibits a TNC from allowing a person to act as a TNC driver on its network if he or she, in the three years prior to applying, has more than three moving violations, one or more serious traffic violations; or had his or her license suspended for refusing a chemical analysis, such as a breathalyzer test.

Additionally, under the bill, TNC cannot employ anyone who has been convicted in the seven years before applying, of driving under the influence, fraud, sexual assault, using a motor vehicle to commit a felony, acts of violence, or acts of terror, or is listed on the state sex offender’s registry.

The bill will now be heard before the Senate.