DiMassa welcomes grants for West Haven and New Haven

September 20, 2018

These grants will give our children spaces to go outside and have fun and I would like to thank the State Bond Commission for investing in our community.

A $575,000 will be used to make improvements to the little league baseball fields in Fairmont Park and funding of $217,597 will be used for the construction of playground and splash pad at DeGale Field. The Forest Elementary School will also receive a new playscape through a grant of $100,000.

The grants highlight the State of Connecticut recognizes the value of spaces that bring together the entire community to promote physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

West Haven is receiving a significant grant of $5,000,000 in support of redevelopment. The grant-in-aid will assist with traffic improvements to Elm Street and public waterfront access improvements near Water Street.

These investments will improve our infrastructure and will be a catalyst for the Haven Development which is slated to bring hundreds of jobs and annual tax revenue to the City of West Haven.

In addition, funding of $500,000 has been approved to assist Common Ground Charter High School in New Haven with debt repayment and $10,000,000 to support the reconstruction of New Haven’s Public Works facility.

I would also like to thank town administration and legislative delegation of both New Haven and West Haven for their persistent efforts.