Bill Enhances School District Turnarounds

May 24, 2017

Representative Andy Fleischmann, House chairman of the Education Committee, led the House Wednesday in overwhelmingly approving a bill to enhance training for boards of education of under-performing school districts that are implementing improvement plans.

The measure, HB 7251, An Act Concerning Reform District Turnaround Plans, now goes to the Senate.

“In this measure, one of the things we’re doing is ensuring that the best practices of fast-improving districts are shared with other turnaround districts – maximizing their chances for success,” Fleischmann said. “I believe this measure will make a real difference for our districts and schools most in need of improvement.”

Under the new legislation, alliance school districts that are implementing improvement plans will have to include a model responsibilities agreement for the board of education and central office, and leadership succession plans. The districts will also be required to use student academic performance data to develop their strategic plans.

Under the new legislation, alliance districts must develop leadership succession plans that provide training and learning opportunities for administrators – so there can be a seamless transition of school and district personnel when leadership positions open up.

“Today, alliance districts are required to submit their turnaround plans to the state Department of Education for approval, and if the department finds them deficient they are sent back for revision. Under this measure, we give some much-needed clarity to elements that must be in the district turnaround plan,” Fleischmann said.