Op-Ed Article

June 13, 2017

Wednesday June 8, marked the official end of the regular 2017 legislative session. But there is still work to be done.

The legislature will now go into special session to discuss and approve of a two-year state budget.

Passing a bipartisan budget has always been my hope. Regardless of political party, the legislature needs to go into special session with a sense of urgency and pass a responsible budget that helps strengthen our state and local economies, and reflects the priorities of the people of Connecticut. I don’t believe that failure to agree upon a responsible budget is an option.

Good ideas are not exclusive to a political party. I am hopeful that my colleagues across the aisle will drop all political campaign rhetoric, and work in a collaborative manner to meet the challenges we all face.

I truly believe our future is stronger when both parties work together, so it is my hope that we can put our political differences aside and talk openly and honestly about the budget and what needs to be done.

House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz, D-Berlin, and House Majority Leader Matt Ritter, D-Hartford, have set the stage for Democrats and Republicans to come together to have these conversations.

And we must have these conversations and work towards a solution and agree on what’s best for the districts we represent, as well as the state.

When I walk into special session, I will continue to fight for a budget that will protect hardworking families, hospitals, and education, not only in the 104th District, but for the State of Connecticut, as well. I will fight for a budget that promotes job growth and encourages economic development. And, I will fight for a budget that ensures our tax dollars are being spent as efficiently as possible.

This is about forging a path for a stronger Connecticut, with policies that work for all of us. I will be working with all of my colleagues to accomplish this. I hope that we will all come into special session ready to work together to put forth a responsible budget that reflects the priorities of our districts and our state.