Singer Village Tour

January 27, 2017

Democratic State Rep. Linda Gentile and House Republican Leader Themis Klarides toured the energy efficient Singer Village recently along with local officials, and praised the work of the town and developers to create the state’s first Energy Zero subdivision.

They were accompanied by Derby Mayor Anita Dugatto and members of Energize Connecticut along with developers and others.

"Utility costs can be daunting and can consume much of a family's budget. This home, and this subdivision have been built with all of the most up to date, energy efficient and cost effective materials on the market,” Rep. Gentile said. “Not only will the homeowners be saving money that they can use elsewhere, they will be protecting and preserving our natural environment. These types of homes are win-win for all parties. I think Mark and his wife, DJ, deserve a big thank you for their commitment to doing what is right for their buyers, the local community and the environment."


Press Release: Singer Village Tour