Danbury Delegation applauds additional funding for Danbury

June 3, 2019

The House passed a budget which is responsible, stable, and funds the Rainy Day Fund at historic levels.  

Danbury will receive $2.6 million more in education cost sharing funds for fiscal year 2020 than it did in the previous fiscal year, and another increase in fiscal year 2021 giving Danbury a total of $37 million in 2021 up from $32 million in fiscal year 2019.

The House Danbury Democratic legislative delegation worked together seeking an increased and fair investment in Danbury’s education funding share – a key priority for the lawmakers.

Rep. Gucker said, “As a first term legislator, it’s extremely satisfying to deliver this welcoming news to my constituents and being able to make good on the will of the people that sent me to Hartford. Working with my Danbury colleagues to secure this increased funding for our public schools has been a gratifying experience. The school system and our students will definitely benefit from this significant investment and I look forward to more great work ahead.”

“I am pleased that Danbury has fared well in this budget this time around,” Rep. Arconti stated. “We listened to our constituents and prioritized the needs they communicated to us. Working together, we brought back essential investments in education that will help in getting our municipal finances in order.”

“I am pleased to see a more equitable approach to education funding, particularly for our schools in Danbury.  Year after year, Danbury has seen increases for education funding, and this year is especially good because it’s a sizable increase.  We must fund our schools fairly and make sure educators have the resources necessary to ensure our youngest charges have the opportunity to succeed,” said Rep.  Godfrey.  “Investing in education is essential in promoting economic growth and developing a highly-skilled workforce.  We must work to remove barriers to quality education and explore equitable funding options.”

“The increased level of funding for Danbury schools is one of the success stories of this budget,” said Rep. Allie-Brennan. “Our ability to bring more funds to the Danbury School System, one of the most overcrowded systems in the state, reflects the unprecedented level of cooperation by our legislative delegation. I look forward to continuing our work together during the next legislative session.”

The approved budget, an agreement worked out between the Governor and the Democratic majority, invests in essential services and programs including fundamental priorities such as public education, health care, workforce development and social services that Connecticut residents rely on.

Below are a few more details of what this budget accomplishes:

  • Closes over $3 billion in projected deficits
  • No increase to state income tax
  • No increase in the sales tax rate
  • State’s ‘Rainy Day’ reserve balance will rise to well over $2B dollars, protecting taxpayers into the future
  • No massive cuts to social services or municipalities
  • Maintains social security and pension exemption for seniors
  • Hospital agreement funds local hospitals – including Danbury Hospital – improves healthcare access, protects thousands of jobs
  • Establishes debt-free community college plan to ensure all students have access to college
  • No teachers’ pension cost shift to towns

The 2019 Legislative Session ends June 5.