2022 State Government Survey

Connecticut faces many challenges, particularly in light of the pandemic, and I’d like to know your views on a few issues facing our state. While a survey isn’t a perfect way to solicit your opinion, it does provide me a way to quickly assess your views on a few important questions.

I hope you will take a few minutes to complete this survey on paper or online to help me better represent you at the State Capitol. Your voice informs the decisions I make as your State Representative throughout the session.

Due to the legislature’s smart fiscal choices over the past few years, Connecticut closed Fiscal Year ‘21 with a surplus of $480 million and currently has a projected operating excess of $1 billion for Fiscal Year ‘22. Our Rainy Day Fund is expected to reach $4.9 billion, the largest in state history. Between reserves, paying down debt, and good economic forecasting, our state has the opportunity to address many priorities.

Which strategies are most important to you?

With scientific consensus indicating long-term damage is already impossible to avoid, protecting our planet and future inhabitants from the dangers of man-made climate change is critical. The legislature is working to ensure that Connecticut rises to the challenge and acts.

Which initiatives do you support?

The children’s mental health crisis has escalated rapidly during the pandemic as many children and adolescents were isolated from friends and loved ones.

What do you think the Connecticut General Assembly should do to improve the mental health and wellness of our children?

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