Children's "Superhero"

January 31, 2019

Simsbury’s State Representative John Hampton is recipient of the “Superhero” award in recognition of his commitment to safe, stable environments for children in Connecticut.

“I was extremely honored and humbled to be given this award from the Children’s Law Center of Connecticut,” said Hampton. “I look forward to continuing to serve the children through my work on the Children’s Committee again this year.”

Justine Rakich-Kelly, Director of the Children’s Law Center of Connecticut, and long- time board member Dr. Liza Thayer, presented the award to Rep. Hampton in the Speaker of the House’s office on January 31st.

“Rep. Hampton first began working with us when he was Vice-Chair on the Children’s Committee in 2015,” said Rakich-Kelly. “He has given our organization and the children a voice in the legislature and we are grateful to him for that.”

The Children’s Law Center was established in 1992 after the vicious murder of a six-year old girl at the hands of her father during a supervised visit. The tragedy led to creation of a coalition of concerned professionals and parents to examine weaknesses in the system that failed the little girl.

The Children’s Law Center provides access to legal services to families in crisis that could not otherwise afford and by advancing collaborative, non-adversarial options for resolving conflicts outside the court system.