Lawmakers applaud approval of $8,000 in funding for Simsbury farm

March 1, 2018

State Reps. Derek Slap, D-West Hartford and John Hampton, D-Simsbury, and state Sen. Kevin Witkos, R-Canton, lauded the Connecticut Department of Agriculture’s approval of an $8,000 grant for the Gifts of Love Farm in Simsbury.

The funding, which is being awarded through the state Department of Agriculture’s Farm Viability Grant program, was made possible through the Community Investment Act. The Gifts of Love Farm encourages individuals and working families who are facing monetary challenges to regain their financial independence. The organization is able to lend a helping hand by providing a source of food and fresh produce – supported by its 77-acre farm – to those in need. Last year, the Gifts of Love Farm served more than 20,000 people.

“This funding comes at a time when our residents’ needs continue to grow. This funding, which will go toward investing in new farming equipment, will improve our ability to farm and grow fresh organic produce for people in need. We are so grateful to the state Department of Agriculture for helping us carry out our mission of making a positive difference in our residents’ lives,” said Susan Pribyson, Gifts of Love’s executive director.

“For 28 years, the Gifts of Love Farm has lent a helping hand to countless of residents in need. The approval of this funding ensures that the organization is able to continue fostering change in the Greater Hartford community by providing a food source and fresh produce to those who need it most,” said Slap.

“For countless of residents living in the Greater Hartford area, the Gifts of Love Farm has provided the greatest gift of all – access to nutritional food. This is a basic need that many of us take for granted. It is inspiring to see a community lift up those who are struggling to make ends meet. Through this state funding, Gifts of Love is able to further help our community as a vital lifeline for those who need it most,” said Hampton.

“I applaud Gifts of Love for the incredible work they do to assist families going through tough times,” said Witkos, Deputy Senate Republican President Pro Tempore. “A challenging economy creates an environment where sadly many people are in need of support and Gifts of Love has risen to the challenge of helping people who are most struggling. To see an organization help people access a need as basic and vital as food is heartwarming and does not go overlooked. I want to thank all those who work for and support this organization and I hope that this grant will assist your efforts in helping people overcome challenging times with the love and support of our community."