House Bill 6061 unanimously passes out of House of Representatives

May 23, 2017

Veterans have selflessly defended our country on the battlefield countless times to safeguard our freedom. We need to do everything – no matter how big or small – to recognize the sacrifice they made.

On May 23, the House of Representatives unanimously passed House Bill 6061, which would waive the fee for having driver’s licenses or identification cards reissued prior to expiration with an indication of that person’s status as a veteran.

In 2011, the state required the Department of Motor Vehicles to include a person’s status as a veteran on a license or identification card. But veterans who wish to have an American flag placed on their license prior to the standard renewal were required to pay a $30 fee. It is dishonorable to ask veterans to pay a fee when some made the ultimate sacrifice. This legislation poses a minimal cost to the state, but is a priceless value to veterans.

Countless men and women stand to benefit from HB 6061, which now heads to the Senate for further consideration. I was proud to vote for this legislation which would give Connecticut veterans the recognition they deserve.