House Passes Biennial Budget

June 4, 2019

The House passed a budget which is responsible, stable, and funds the Rainy Day Fund at historic levels. With significant investments in education, job growth, and economic development throughout the state, the budget holds the line on spending.

  • We’ve increased funding for education from the Governor’s budget and we’ve removed the teachers’ pension cost shift to towns
  • Through an agreement, the budget funds local hospitals to expand access to healthcare and protect thousands of jobs
  • Expansions made to the Angel Investor tax credit and a repeal of the Business Entity tax to support small business

With this budget, we’ve made significant investments in Connecticut’s middle class by:

  • Supporting the start-up funding for the Paid Family Medical Leave program
  • Funding the workforce development pipeline to better match our curriculum with employer needs
  • Increased funding for Higher Education to help stabilize tuition and improve long-term stability of our college and university system while establishing a plan for debt-free college

The budget also makes investment in Connecticut’s most vulnerable residents by expanding funding for essential programs like Husky A Medicaid and Meal on Wheels while rejecting the Governor’s asset test for the Medicare Savings Program. In an effort to support a healthier planet, we’ve found opportunities to reduce single-use waste by implementing a 10 cent tax on single-use plastic bags followed by full ban in 2021 while helping to reduce polluting emissions through rebate incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles. And, we’ve done all this without a single income or sales tax rate increase.

Now, we have heard a lot of criticism from our colleagues on the other side of the aisle – but the truth is, despite being offered a seat at the table, Republicans offered zero cuts or policy ideas. Ultimately, they did not offer a budget.

We’ve worked hard to present a budget that is a reflection of our values and aspirations for the future. With this budget, I believe we offer not only growth but security for the residents of Connecticut.