Statewide Flu Shot Clinics This Saturday

January 25, 2018

To reduce the spread of the flu virus, the state Department of Public Health is working with local health departments to provide free and low cost influenza vaccines at several locations across the state on Saturday, Jan. 27.

Residents are able to attend any clinic in the state regardless of the town they live in. The clinic closest to our area is at East Shore Health District: 688 East Main St. Orchard Research Park, Branford.

This year's flu season has been deadly - 615 Connecticut residents have been hospitalized with the flu and 21 have died. Getting your flu shot protects not just you, but also the more vulnerable people around you - children under 5 years old, elderly people and anyone with a compromised immune system. Free flu shots are available to children 18-years-old and younger and adults who do not have insurance.

Residents with insurance should bring their card and will be charged a small administrative fee, but will not be charged out of pocket for the vaccine.