Addressing Crumbling Foundations

January 31, 2017

Rep. Luxenberg joined fellow representatives and senators across the aisle to discuss the bills aimed at addressing crumbling foundations, specifically House Bill 6478.

The bill will:

  1. prohibit the use of pyrrhotite in concrete aggregate intended for use in foundations
  2. require the installation of curtain drains along concrete foundations in high water table areas
  3. require that concrete removed from failed foundations is properly disposed of
  4. establish a one-hundred-dollar surcharge on residential and commercial insurance policies, assessed annually for a period of not more than seven years, to establish a fund out of which a homeowner may receive up to seventy-five thousand dollars for the remediation of such homeowner's failing concrete foundation
  5. waive the state building fee associated with the remediation of failing concrete foundations.

“We have been working together in a bipartisan fashion for more than a year and a half on this issue,” Rep. Luxenberg said. “Today we stand together shoulder to shoulder committed to providing a real solution to affected homeowners. We know what the problem is; now it’s the time to fix it.”

Press Release: Crumbling Foundations Presser