Help For CT Federal Workers In Shutdown

January 15, 2019

Everyone’s painfully aware of the financial hardship CT’s federal workers are suffering because of the U.S. government shutdown. We’re trying to do whatever we can to help and today Gov. Lamont announced a partnership with Webster Bank to give the employees interest-free loans until the shutdown is ended.

Clarice Silber and Ana Radelat of also wrote a news story today about the effects of the shutdown in Connecticut.

Here's their story.

Adrian Pellot and his wife Sarah Small are among the roughly 150 Transportation Security Administration agents at Bradley International Airport who missed their first paycheck last week, and the couple’s concerns are mounting as the federal government shutdown rolls into a 24th day.

Pellot, 36, who has worked as a behavior detection officer for more than 10 years, said he thinks about his missed paycheck almost constantly and feels frustrated that the government isn’t thinking about federal workers as people that have bills to pay.

“Instead the government is holding us as a bargaining chip—so it’s agitating,” Pellot said. He and Small are now depending on their savings to pay their bills.

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