McGee Leads Passage Of Slumlord Bill

April 23, 2019

I was incredibly proud to lead the debate and House of Representatives today in unanimously passing legislation I wrote making it easier to track down slumlords hiding behind corporate entities.

There have been numerous incidents right here in Hartford that have had lasting effects and will truly harm not just our community but the surrounding communities as well. Clay Arsenal Renaissance Apartments, Infill 1 and Barbour Gardens in the North End all made headlines this year because of unsanitary and unsafe living conditions. Hundreds of residents are being relocated as a result of the landlord negligence.

This legislation, House Bill 7225, will help municipalities enforce local ordinances dealing with the maintenance and safety of properties. Nonresident rental property owners and project based housing providers (PBHPs) will be required to file the landlord’s or agent’s current residential address with the municipality in which the properties are located. The bill also requires PBHPs to file additional identifying information about their owners.

The legislation is simply common-sense and way overdue. It’s just not an option for municipalities to operate without current addresses for non-resident property owners and providers of project-based housing.