Testifying on Enterprise Zones

March 3, 2017

The legislature’s Commerce Committee recently held public hearings for bills addressing enterprise zones, including mine, HB 6972.

I testified in favor of this bill, AN ACT CONCERNING ADDITIONAL FORMS OF ASSISTANCE IN ENTERPRISE ZONES, which will expand the scope of enterprise zone benefits.

This bill will provide businesses technical support, assistance in purchasing equipment and computer software, and vouchers redeemable with chambers of commerce and other business associations.

Small businesses are part of the life blood of the city as they generate economic vitality, provide resources for residents and visitors of the city, and stimulate economic growth.

With this bill, it would also be possible to alter criteria to make it easier for businesses in enterprise zones to qualify for assistance under statewide programs or allow businesses in enterprise zones to use such funds for a wider range of purposes.

Please keep in touch and feel free to call me at 860-240-8520 or via email Brandon.mcgee@cga.ct.gov with any questions.