Retired Men’s Association Of Greenwich

June 21, 2019

I had a fruitful exchange with the Retired Men’s Association of Greenwich where we talked about the current economic state of Connecticut and things that we can do to improve our future outlook.

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House OKs Requiring High School Courses On Black, Puerto Rican, Latino Histories

May 23, 2019

The House passed a bill to increase our education to include Black and Latino History, adding a strong, balanced, and equitable history storyline that includes all our citizens and reflects our diversity.

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Green Energy Through Offshore Wind

May 20, 2019

The House approved legislation authorizing the procurement of energy derived from offshore wind turbines.

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Gun Safety Legislation Moves Forward

May 13, 2019

Connecticut is a leader when it comes to sensible gun safety laws. We continued our leadership on the issue by passing Ethan’s Law, legislation regulating ghost guns and legislation increasing safe storage in motor vehicles.

Cuando se trata de leyes de seguridad sensibles para armas de fuego, Connecticut es líder. La Cámara de Representantes continúo nuestro liderazgo en este asunto pasando leyes que incluyen mantener seguras  las armas en hogares “Ethan’s Law,” la regulación de planes de construcción de armas en línea “ghost guns” y aumentando la seguridad de armas en vehículos de motor.

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