House Clears Miller's Early Literacy Program Legislation

May 22, 2017

I led the House Thursday in a bipartisan vote to approve legislation aimed at creating a Reading Readiness Program at the State Department of Education (SDE) that will assess Alliance Districts and Commissioner’s Network schools to determine if they are reading ready and to provide adequate support to the schools as it relates to their performance and needs.

House Bill 7205 closes a loophole in current law regarding surveys that teachers take to ensure they know the foundations of teaching reading. I once heard that from kindergarten to third grade, a child is learning to read and from fourth grade up, they are reading to learn. This statement resonated with me and, as a result, early literacy became one of my top priorities. I have learned and seen firsthand the disproportion in achievement gaps at our local schools and the role that literacy plays in the success or failure of our students. Giving teachers the right tools to help them address disparities should always be our goal.

Press Release: Early Literacy Program Clears the House