Advocating for Veterans and their Families

May 23, 2019

Co-sponsored legislation HB 7244, An Act Concerning the Property Tax Exemption for Service Members and Veterans having Disability Rating, was passed by the House of Representatives.

The bill would increase the property tax exemption amounts for veterans having a disability rating and require the filing of a death certificate with the town assessor to continue such exemption for a surviving spouse or minor children after the veteran’s death.

The City of Waterbury is home to possibly seven Gold Star Parents, so this legislation would help relieve the property tax burden on a veteran’s family. Our neighboring states New York and Massachusetts already have such legislation in place.

I am thrilled that we passed this legislation before Memorial Day. As a member of the Veterans Affairs Committee, I have been determined to introduce and advocate for legislation that does more for our veterans. A tax waiver like this a very small investment for those who willingly serve our country and leave families behind.

This bill will increase the base property tax exemption for certain disabled service members and veterans by $500. By doing so, it also increases the additional income-based exemption for such service members and veterans, which is calculated using the base exemption, by $250 or $1,000 depending on income.

I want to thank Waterbury resident Joseph Nolan from bringing this important legislation to my attention and advocating for it. Thank you to my colleagues on the Veterans Affairs Committee and in the House for moving this legislation forward.

The bill will now be voted by the Senate.