Vaccine Distribution & Availability

December 22, 2020

With the first COVID-19 vaccines being distributed and administered across the country and our state, we may finally be seeing the light at the end of what has been a long and difficult tunnel.

I wanted to pass along information regarding the availability of the vaccine, how the vaccine works, and why you should feel comfortable taking it when it is available for you to take.

How It Works

Through numerous rigorous tests and analyses, the Pfizer vaccine, which has already been administered to thousands of health care workers across the country, is considered both safe and effective. In addition, the vaccine developed by Moderna was approved by the FDA late last week for distribution in the U.S., and distribution of this vaccine is already underway.

Hartford Healthcare developed this helpful informational sheet below which explains the science behind the current COVID-19 vaccines.

While it is fantastic news that this vaccine looks to be effective and is in the early stages of being distributed across the country, we are not totally out of the woods. Doctors say that we will still have to wear masks and practice social distancing for the foreseeable future because it is still possible for people to carry light infections and pass it on to other individuals.

Vaccine Availability

The state recently released a framework of its plans for the distribution of an anticipated COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available.

Over the next two weeks, the Lamont administration says Connecticut is expected to receive around 130,000 doses, with the majority of doses going to healthcare workers at hospitals. Click HERE to see the distribution chart for the rest of this month.

New information about the vaccine continues to develop each day and plans for its distribution are expected to continue evolving as the situation develops. Information on the state’s distribution plans is being published online at

As the state insurance commissioner reminded Connecticut residents, I also want to reiterate that there should be no out-of-pocket costs associated with taking the COVID-19 vaccine in Connecticut, both for those who are insured and uninsured. This eliminates one more barrier to ensuring that we get as many people vaccinated as possible and getting this virus under control.

I will continue to pass along updates related to the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine as it becomes more widely available. Meanwhile, let's all continue to do all we can to make sure we keep ourselves and our families safe and healthy, especially during the holidays.