Stamford Sec. 8 HCV Waiting List Opens March 25 To April 5

March 24, 2015

Applications for Stamford's Sec. 8 Housing opens March 25 to April 1. Only online applications will be accepted. Visit to enter the random-draw lottery.

Charter Oaks Communities/COC (formerly the Stamford, CT Housing Authority) will be opening the waiting list for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program beginning on Wednesday, March 25th, until Wednesday, April 1st.

They will be accepting only one pre-application per family through an online application only (

These Ferguson Library Branches offer free computer access for you to complete your online application if you don't have access to a personal computer. However, each branch may have different hours they are open.

  • Main Library: One Public Library Plaza, Stamford, CT 06904
  • Harry Bennett Branch: 15 Vine Road, Stamford, CT 06905
  • South End Branch: 34 Woodland Ave, Stamford, CT 06902
  • Weed Memorial & Hollander Branch: 1143 Hope Street, Stamford, CT 06907

After completing your pre-application form online, print out your confirmation of it; this appears on the last page of the process. If you include an email address if your application, then you'll probably receive a confirmation via email.


  • Insufficient Funding -- The PHA will offer a preference to any family that has been terminated from its HCV program due to insufficient program funding.
  • Displaced Category I -- Families displaced or scheduled for displacement due to COC redevelopment efforts.
  • Family Protection -- This preference extends to victims of domestic violence and families who must vacate their current unit because a court or law enforcement agency has determined a need for relocation is required as a matter of public safety (includes victims of hate crimes and households that are part of a witness protection program).
  • Displaced Category II -- Families displaced due to other state/local governmental action for reasons beyond resident control and/or declared natural disasters.
  • If you do not qualify for one of these preferences, you will be placed randomly on the list.

A random-draw lottery system will be used to determine the order of each submitted pre-application on the waiting list; a maximum of 500 pre-applications will be drawn. If you are chosen in the lottery, you will be notified via postal mail no later than May 31, 2015. Any disqualified and remaining applications not selected will be discarded with no further notice. If you do not receive a letter by May 31, 2015, your pre-application was not drawn by lottery and you will not be placed on this waiting list.

If you need reasonable accommodation for to complete the pre-application, please call the designated help line at 203-391-7683 and someone will be available to receive your requests.