DMV offering online driver's license renewal

February 4, 2021

We’ve all felt the frustration of having to wait in line at the DMV to renew a driver’s license or access other DMV services.

Thankfully, the State announced today that in the coming weeks, you will be able to renew your driver’s license, obtain your driving history, or change your address all online and from the comfort of your home.
This is part of the State’s efforts to modernize state government and add convenience for the consumer.

Today’s announcement expands and builds upon the pilot program for online driver’s license renewal initially rolled out by the DMV in November 2020. More than 20,000 individuals have already successfully renewed their driver's license or non-driver ID cards online within the last 45 days.
Eligible residents will receive an invitation by mail or email to complete their transaction online and make an electronic payment via credit or debit card and receive their license or non-driver ID by mail within 20 days.
It is important to note that this expansion of online services does not mean that these services will not also be available in-person at DMV and AAA offices and locations throughout the state.
This announcement is welcome news at any time, but it is especially critical during the pandemic.
All of the DMV’s services can be found online at