Legislative Committee Travels to Stamford

March 4, 2016

Rep. Caroline Simmons (D-Stamford) and members of the legislature’s Judiciary Committee this week held public hearing in Stamford to discuss bills, including several co-sponsored by Rep. Simmons which aim to improve school safety and pedestrian safety in Stamford.

School Safety Bills

  • Senate Bill 246 – An Act Concerning the Zero Tolerance Safe School Environment Act
  • House Bill 5400 – An Act Concerning the Disclosure of Certain Education Personnel

“These school safety bills aim to protect our students from horrible threats like the one that happened last month at Stamford High School, and to protect children from future potential incidents of sexual abuse,” Rep. Simmons said.

Pedestrian Safety Bills

  • House Bill 5185 – An Act Increasing the Fines for Failing to Yield the Right-of-Way to Pedestrians

“The pedestrian safety bill aims to improve pedestrian safety on High Ridge Road, where many pedestrians have been struck by cars,” Rep. Simmons said. “Thank you to city officials, school administrators, teachers, students, and community members for taking the time to testify and advocate for our community.”

The legislation awaits action by the Committee before being considered by the full House or Senate.