Telehealth Services Expanded and Extended

March 16, 2021

Telehealth services – which have provided safe and secure options for healthcare professionals to treat patients during the pandemic – have been expanded and extended through an executive order signed over the weekend by Governor Lamont.

Executive Order No. 10C extends the provisions codified by Public Act 20-2 and includes the following:

  • Authorizes additional health care professionals to provide telehealth services;
  • Allows certain telehealth providers to offer audio-only services by telephone;
  • Allows certain providers to use additional technologies, such as certain third-party video communication applications, like Zoom;
  • Develop requirements for telehealth providers seeking payment from uninsured or underinsured patients;
  • Requires insurance coverage for telehealth services and prohibits providers reimbursed for services from seeking payment from an insured patient beyond cost sharing;
  • Prohibits insurance policies from excluding coverage for a telehealth platform selected by an in-network provider;
  • Prohibits insurance carriers from reducing reimbursement to a provider because services are provided through telehealth instead of in-person;
  • Modifies requirements for pharmacies transferring unfilled prescriptions for controlled substances that were electronically transmitted.

The executive order modifies and extends Public Act 20-2 through April 20, 2021, the date the governor's emergency powers are set to expire.
Telehealth services have been beneficial in slowing the spread of COVID-19 by enabling providers and patients to stay socially distant through technology and I hope these services will remain in place for the duration of the pandemic and beyond.