Supporting Connecticut's Veterans

May 19, 2021

Connecticut House Democrats are dedicated to fighting for those who fought for our country.

Supporting CT's Veterans


During the 2021 legislative session, House Democrats have introduced and passed a number of bills which focus on supporting veterans and active members of the military, as well as their families. Here is a summary of just a few of those bills:

H.B. 6483

With the passage of H.B. 6483, CT removes a hurdle by allowing military orders to be accepted as proof of residency for public school enrollment, and adopts "the Purple Star School Program," to ensure military-friendly schools.

CLICK HERE for more information about this bill.

H.B. 5737

H.B. 5737 creates a state-wide military and veteran trail to help easily navigate and recognize each landmark and the story it tells about the history and pivotal role the military and veterans have played in our state.

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H.B. 6480

No veteran should be denied the honor and dignity of a funeral. H.B. 6480 was passed this session to ensure that the State does its part to honor veterans after they have passed on.

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H.B. 5592

H.B. 5592 ensures LGBTQ+ veterans with less-than-honorable discharge status solely due to their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression receive the benefits they are completely entitled to.

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Connecticut's military community deserves our full support and gratitude for the sacrifices they have made on behalf of our state and our country. We thank them for their service not only during this Military Appreciation Month, but all year round.