Affordable Housing Testimony Heard

March 8, 2016

State Representative Kim Rose (D-Milford), vice chair of the legislature’s Housing Committee, today heard testimony on the Affordable Housing (8-30g) bill.

HB 5363, An Act Concerning the Affordable Housing Land Use Appeals Procedure had its public hearing in the Legislative Office Building where several people submitted testimony to be considered by the committee.

“I am pleased with the public hearing turn out,” Rep. Rose said. “I am looking forward to reviewing all the testimony that was submitted and exchanging ideas with the committee chairs.”

Rep. Rose noted, “Affordable housing is a critical issue across the state that needs to be addressed. One size doesn’t always fit all, especially in communities like Milford. I am grateful that after years of hard work, we are bringing attention to this issue, but there is a lot more work ahead of us in order to find statewide workable alternatives.”

If approved, this will be the first substantial change to the state affordable housing laws since 1995.

Rep. Rose is serving her third term in the State Legislature.