CT College Democrats Award

November 17, 2015

I was honored to receive the ‘Michael Mandell Award’ from the College Democrats of Connecticut.

The Michael Mandall Award is given to an activist or political figure for promoting progressive policies deemed in the best interest of the group’s members, including but not limited to the issues of college affordability, sexual assault prevention and voter enfranchisement.

As a relatively young legislator, issues impacting college students hit especially close to home for me. College affordability is truly one of my biggest priorities in the state legislature and thankfully we were able to make some progress in that area this year by establishing the country’s first Student Loan Bill of Rights and reducing the state student loan authority’s interest rates.

Thank you President of the College Democrats of Connecticut Miles Halpine for your kind words:

We are truly excited to have Representative Lesser selected as the first recipient of our newly established Michael Mandell Award. As chair of the Banking Committee, his groundbreaking efforts to pass a first-in-the-nation Student Loan Bill of Rights will help college students across Connecticut for years to come.

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