The Long Fight Against Housing Discrimination

July 29, 2021

You probably read the story in the Courant this week about the Manchester man who was shocked to learn of the racist (and unenforceable) language in the deed to the home he grew up in. These "whites only" real estate covenants are a relic of history…but their appearance on our property deeds is disturbing. This year we passed a law that allows you to remove the offensive covenant language from your deed.

The fight against systemic racism in housing has been long and it is still ongoing. I am very proud to say that my family has been working for change for more than seven decades.  In fact, the state historian published a piece recently about Rev. William Philpot's fight to join the Andover Lake Property Owners Association in the 1960's…and my grandfather George Ritter stood by his side battling through the courts.

Andover Lake

The fight continues…