Legislation Addresses Online Harassment

June 3, 2021

Today, the House of Representatives sent a bill to the Governor’s desk that takes steps to address online harassment.

Incidents of stalking, harassment, bias and hate have increased with the use of technology and SB 989 takes that into consideration. This bill includes several provisions aimed at combatting online harassment including:

  • Expanding what constitutes second degree stalking and second-degree harassment
  • Expanding 1st degree stalking to include situations in which a person intentionally directs the conduct another person based on their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability,
  • Allowing individuals to bring a civil action against their harassers for disclosing personally identifiable information.

One in four Americans have experienced online hate and harassment and the targets are often individuals from marginalized communities. Loved ones of those killed in mass shootings, including the parents of those children killed in the Sandy Hook attack, have also been subjected to online harassment.
I was proud to stand with my colleagues to pass this vital piece of legislation to curb the rise in online harassment and empower victims.
Hate, whatever form it takes, has no place in our state.