New CT Casino Needs Study

February 26, 2016

House Commerce Committee Chair Chris Perone (D-Norwalk) today discussed the implications of allowing state-wide casino gambling without having all the facts of its potential impact to the state.

Rep. Perone has introduced legislation requiring the state to conduct a substantive review of the costs and benefits of expanding commercial casinos in Connecticut.

“As co-chair of the legislature’s Commerce Committee, I am accustomed to considering a wide range of proposals that purport to improve or enhance economic development,” Rep. Perone said. “In doing so, I rely on a thorough investigation of the facts and a conscientious review of relevant data and that is precisely what would be achieved by a comprehensive, independent study.”

Various communities are being considered by Connecticut’s Tribes to build a casino. The state legislature will have to give final approval before a casino can be built.

Rep. Perone noted, “There are too many examples of other states, in the interest of improving their economic situation, making hasty decisions only to find that more thoughtful analysis would have gone a long way to improve outcomes. Many questions remain. What is missing are answers that can only be generated through smart, objective thorough, data-driven analysis.”

Rep. Perone is serving his sixth legislative term in the Connecticut General Assembly. In addition to co-chairing the Commerce Committee, he also serves as a member of the Energy & Technology, and the Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committees.