Help for Winter Heating Costs

September 23, 2021

As winter gets closer many residents become concerned about how to afford their heating bills, but Operation Fuel has programs available to help struggling families with energy costs.

Households with income up to 75% of the state median income may qualify for assistance. This translates annually to about $90,500 for a family of four. To see if you are eligible and to apply, visit Operation Fuel's secure portal at

Operation Fuel

You can fill out their form online or make an appointment to visit a local fuel bank in person. If you have questions or need more assistance, call 860-243-2345 or email

Operation Fuel is a non-profit organization that provides year-round energy assistance through partnerships with community-based agencies and local government. Though mostly funded through an energy ratepayer charge, almost a third of their revenue comes from private donations by a wide network of generous people, businesses, and foundations.

Additional funding for Operation Fuel comes from a bill we passed last year called the Take Back Our Grid Act (HB 7006). This new law empowers the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) to direct fine money paid by utility companies and suppliers for violations directly to Operation Fuel, 100% of which goes to supporting residents in need.

Not being able to afford your heating bill in winter is not only dangerous, but can cause people to forgo necessary food or medicine purchases. Don't miss this opportunity to get help if you're struggling to pay your utility bills. Operation Fuel is here to help.