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May 3, 2016
Meet the Leaders
Representative Cook again argues cutting the Social Services office that covers the entire northwestern part of the state makes no sense. As for the Uconn Torrington campus, she regrets its closing, but education is evolving. Watch the Video

February 3, 2016
Meet the Leaders
Representative Cook is pleased education is supported in the Governor’s Budget plan, and welcomes Governor Malloy’s plan to hold Town Hall Meetings across the state. Watch the Video

October 2, 2015
Meet the Leaders
Budget cutbacks in Hartford by the Governor have Representative Michelle Cook feeling betrayed. What the impact is locally and how it changes the plans for so many are the subjects of discussion on this edition of Meet the Leaders. Watch the Video

June 2, 2015
Meet the Leaders
The process of creating the state budget and adhering to the public input are topics discussed by Representative Michelle Cook. Watch the Video

May 1, 2015
Special Education Subcommittee Co-Chair Michelle Cook Discusses Goals

April 22, 2015
Meet the Leaders
Representative Cook argues it’s long past time to streamline the delivery of government services with the state and town sharing efforts on a regional basis. Cook says cuts in social services programs will hurt the elderly and residents in need in Northwest CT. Watch the Video

March 6, 2015
Rep. Cook on HB 5871: An Act Concerning Firefighters and Volunteers in Uniform

February 18, 2015
Meet the Leaders
State Representative Michelle Cook from Torrington says a proposal to close the Department of Social Services Office in Torrington would hurt those who rely on the office in the entire Northwest Corner of the state. On education issues she backs the Governor’s call to fund full day kindergarten statewide by 2017. Watch the Video

June 6, 2014
Meet the Leaders
65th Assembly District Representative Michelle Cook provides updates and insights on what she is working on in Hartford on this edition of Meet the Leaders. Watch the Video