Grant Programs for Women-Owned Businesses & Day Care Owners

January 20, 2022

I’m excited to share this great news with women-owned businesses and day care owners!

On Friday, myself, my Co-Chair Representative Rosa Rembimbas and all of the members of the Women’s Bipartisan Legislative Caucus hosted an event with the guest speakers from the Women's Business Development Council, so that we can get the word out to all of you.

The Equity Match Grant Program awards up to $10,000 for women-owned business projects pertaining to business growth and profitability and applications are NOW OPEN! The Child Care Business Opportunity Fund, made possible through partnership with the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood, grants up to $25,000 to qualifying childcare businesses.

These grant programs not only help support women who have established businesses across the state, but also encourage women to take on the endeavor knowing that there is funding available. 

To date, the Equity Match Program has distributed nearly 100 grants totally $900,000 and the Child Care Business Support Program has awarded nearly 200 grants totaling $1.96 million!

Click the image below to watch the full presentation and learn more about these great opportunities: 

The WBDC Equity Match Grant application is now open! If you are interested in applying or know someone who may be interested, visit their webpage and read below:
Application materials and more information on the Child Care Business Opportunity Fund can be found HERE