Public Safety Legislation

April 25, 2022

The Uniformed Professional Fire Fighters Association invited me to attend their legislative breakfast last week to discuss two priority bills for fire fighters:

  • SB-313: An Act Concerning Adoption of The Recommendations of The Task Force to Study Cancer Relief Benefits for Firefighters
  • SB-212: An Act Concerning Permanent Partial Disability Benefits and Pension Offsets

In addition to the priority bills for fire fighters, I have also co-sponsored the following public safety bills:

  • HB-5173: An Act Allowing a Personal Income Tax Deduction for Stipends Paid to Volunteer Firefighters and Volunteer Ambulance Members.
  • HB-5175: An Act Allowing Police Officers to Obtain Information to Be Furnished Relative to Fire or Explosion Losses.
  • HB-5176: An Act Concerning a Study of The Powers, Duties, Benefits and Classification of First Responders.
  • HB-5213: An Act Concerning Payments to Volunteer Fire Companies for Responding to Calls on Limited Access Highways and at Certain Other Locations.
  • HB-5251: An Act Concerning Workers' Compensation for Dispatchers.
  • HB-5423: An Act Establishing a Pilot Program to Collect Data Related to Fire and Rescue Service Delivery in The State
  • SB-141: An Act Increasing the Penalty for The Intentional Injury of a Police Animal or Dog in a Volunteer Canine Search and Rescue Team.
  • SB-259: An Act Making Technical Corrections to a Fire Safety Code Statute.
  • SB-321: An Act Expanding Workers' Compensation Coverage for Post-Traumatic Stress Injuries for all Employees.