State Budget Includes $200,000 for The Woodstock Academy

May 4, 2022

State Representative Pat Boyd (D – Brooklyn, Eastford, Pomfret, Union, Woodstock) is pleased to announce the state budget proposal that the House of Representatives and Senate approved this week includes $200,000 to establish a Drug and Alcohol Counseling Office at The Woodstock Academy.

“Substance abuse can have severe consequences, especially for our state's young people. This funding will help The Woodstock Academy prevent and address substance use among students by offering resources and supports to families in our community," said Rep. Boyd. "I am pleased to have worked with members of the Connecticut General Assembly's Appropriations Committee to secure this vital funding that will go a long way to safeguarding our students' health and future."

"As educators, we are keenly aware that social-emotional health and wellbeing plays a substantial role in students’ ability to learn.  As a result, we are continuously evaluating the supports we have in place to determine how we can best meet the needs of our students.  The funding that Rep. Boyd has helped to secure for The Woodstock Academy and our regional partners will benefit our students and greater community immeasurably. This funding will provide a significant resource to address current substance abuse with direct counseling and family support, while also creating an opportunity to educate students and community members in the sending towns we partner with," said Karin Hughes, Dean of Student Affairs at The Woodstock Academy.

Substance use among The Woodstock Academy's student population has been on the rise in recent years. This increase is in line with current youth substance use trends across the United States. While the school currently provides school-based counseling services and has a robust support staff, it does not have the resources to offer substance use counseling to students or support for their parents and families.

The Drug and Alcohol Counseling Office will make these services and resources accessible, and it will deliver comprehensive substance use education to students and families residing in The Woodstock Academy's six partner towns. Towns that send students to The Woodstock Academy include Brooklyn, Canterbury, Eastford, Pomfret, Union and Woodstock.