Historic Budget Approved by General Assembly

May 17, 2022
After months of negotiation and hearing input from residents across our state, the Connecticut General Assembly's two houses (the House of Representatives and the Senate) approved the $24 billion state budget which provides historic tax relief for working families and makes vital investments in our municipalities, non-profits, child care providers, and more.

To help you understand exactly what is contained in this agreement and how it will support you and your family, I have put together the following summary for you.

Historic Tax Relief
Our budget plan CUTS YOUR TAXES by:
•    Cuts state income taxes for retirees
•    Lowers property taxes on homes and cars
•    Extends tax cuts for workers in low-paying jobs (EITC)
•    Extends the 25-cent gas tax cut until December
•    Establishes a state child tax credit worth $250 per child

Supporting Workers and Manufacturing

  • Increases work opportunities for young adults
  • Expands the successful Manufacturing Pipeline program
  • Creates a new paid internship program at the state Department of Transportation

Focusing on Safety and Justice

  • Invests in Youth Service Bureaus and Juvenile Review Boards
  • Increases work opportunities for young adults
  • Funds state and local task forces to address gun violence and auto thefts
  • Establishes an office on gun violence prevention
  • Maintains our commitment to police accountability and our new clean slate laws

These programs work to address some of the underlying causes of crime, but our police and courts need more tools to hold offenders accountable for breaking the law and keep the public safe. We also passed legislation that:

  • Toughens penalties for vehicle thefts
  • Addresses lab and case backlogs
  • Expands the use of GPS monitoring in some cases
  • Provides more hands-on training and crisis training to police

Investing in Our Children

  • Increases funding for special education programs
  • Increases funding for infant and toddler care programs, as well as pay raises for childcare workers and money to modernize childcare facilities 
  • New state tax credit for childcare
  • Boosts funding for bilingual education

Supporting Our Communities

  • Makes investments in community non-profits
  • Increases business development funding for minority-owned businesses
  • Provides support to museums, theaters and other attractions
  • Makes investments in access to affordable housing
With this budget approved and now signed by the Governor, and given the many other pieces of legislation we have passed so far this year to promote the financial, physical, and mental well-being of all Connecticut residents, I am optimistic that Connecticut's future remains bright and strong.