Stamford Benefits From Bond Money

March 24, 2016

The city of Stamford is the beneficiary of nearly $37 million in state bond money. The Bond Commission is chaired by Governor Malloy.

The Commission approved a $5.5 million loan to Log Storm Security, aka Black Stratus.

The firm plans a cyber-security center in Stamford and an incident response operation in eastern CT. Sixty-five jobs will be created within 3 years and 134 within 10 years.

Getting a $5 million loan is BTG Pactual Commodities Trading.

The company will use the funds to relocate its primary U.S. operations from New York to Stamford. BTG will retain 120 jobs and create another 150.

W.J. Deutsch & Sons is getting a $5 million loan for assistance in moving its operations from New York to Stamford.

The company will create 100 new jobs within 2 years and 15 additional within the following year.

And the Commission approved more than $21.4 million for reconstruction of the Atlantic Street rail road overpass on the New Haven Line in Stamford.