Highlights From Session

April 20, 2022

During yesterday's session, the House of Representatives passed several important pieces of legislation. The next few weeks will be a sprint. As always, I am working hard for you and will continue to do so over during the home stretch of session.

HB 5386

No family should have to face the difficult decision between affording bills or paying for the out-of-pocket charges on critically needed medication. Through passage of HB 5386, the House just moved to cap out-of-pocket costs for EpiPens so that families aren't financially strained in accessing these life-saving devices.

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HB 5240 

It's imperative that we ensure our children are not only having fun but staying safe when participating in youth sports leagues. Just passed by the House, HB 5240 will establish a task force to study safety protocols and make any recommendations to keep our children safe.

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HB 5146 

The House just passed HB 5146 to make it easier for supermarkets to provide surplus food to those in need – so that we may not only have plans in place that reduce food waste, but we find solutions that support the members of our communities.

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HB 5267

Our state is home to several arts and culture institutions which help to enrich the lives of residents, create jobs in their communities, and help to boost tourism in our state. With the passage of HB 5267, the House just acted to ensure that CT's arts and culture sector is included in state-wide marketing plans so that we may further promote the great parts of our state.

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