Danbury Career Academy Referendum Passes

June 15, 2022

I am pleased to share with you that the Danbury Career Academy referendum passed, which approves a $208 million bond for the City of Danbury to build the new school and perform necessary renovations to other Danbury schools.

The new Career Academy will be built using $164 million to renovate the old Cartus building off Kenosia Avenue. To help alleviate pressure on Danbury's mill rate and our taxpayers, this session, I helped pass legislation that requires the state to reimburse Danbury up to 80 percent of the project’s $164 million cost. This is a great deal for Danbury.

The Career Academy will serve more than 1,000 students — and will also house 360 middle school kids. We can finally reduce overcrowding that has frustrated students and educators at Danbury High School (DHS) for more than a decade.

Learn about this initiative HERE. Please reach out to my office if you have any questions.