Aid To Hospitals, New Britain Saved

March 29, 2016

I am proud to announce that my colleagues and I today voted to approve a bipartisan agreement that brings the state budget back in balance, restores critical funding to hospitals and preserves municipal aid to New Britain and other towns.

By working across party lines, we managed to cut $220 million in spending while still protecting taxpayers, hospitals and service providers – a vital part of our economy and the town of New Britain.

As always, we function best when we are able to work together across party lines and this agreement shows it. The agreement protects a historic commitment to property tax relief – including the car tax cap and additional town aid.

The families and taxpayers of Connecticut expected Democrats and Republicans to work together to fix the budget and, unlike Washington, we did.

Though this is an important first step, the real test will be for my colleagues from both parties to continue to work together on the larger challenge just around the corner in the 2017 budget.