ReEmploy CT Expansion

July 15, 2022
Dear Neighbor,
I am pleased to share ReEmployCT, a revamped and modern Connecticut Department of Labor online platform that streamlines services and facilitates unemployment and tax filing.

ReEmployCT offers 24/7 access for filing up to two previous weeks, filing a new claim because you reached the end of your benefit year, or if you are re-opening an existing unemployment claim due to a break in filing. For example, you were unable to work for the week due to illness.

Please make sure to: 
  • Enter your user ID and password correctly. If you get locked out of your account use the lockout form to get back in. 
  • Remember, your name, birth date, and Social Security number have to match what’s already in the system. This is a security feature to ensure no one else is trying to access your benefits. 

Consumer Contact Center

If you have any questions, the 
Consumer Contact Center is available to help. With new filers and a new system, please be patient while agents are working with other filers. It is also recommended to schedule a callback, which you can do right from the website. Use the drop-down menu to choose the topic, then pick your date and time.
I look forward to this new system making it easier than ever to receive the necessary services to file claims in the most efficient and effective manner. Please share this information with anyone who might find it useful.

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