The Push to Establish a Halfway House for Women in Greater New Haven

March 24, 2016

Although bill HB 5204, which would have established a halfway house in New Haven for female ex-offenders, failed to move forward for consideration to the Judiciary Committee, I will continue to seek the facility's establishment to help those released from the DOC transition into the community.

A halfway house is important as it would be for people released from the Department of Corrections and transitioning to the community. Some women who begin re-entry have a difficult time finding housing. When an individual is released and their family members receive federal housing assistance, for instance, they’re not allowed to stay at that person’s home, which is problematic. The halfway house would include 24-hour monitoring and usually includes a work-release program that requires individuals find employment.

New Haven already has a halfway house for men and it's time the district provides such a place for women as well. The idea for a women’s halfway house is congruent with the second chance initiative to give people an opportunity with wrap-around services that would support their success in society.

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