October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 5, 2022
Did you know that an estimated 3,550 Connecticut women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year? While anyone is at risk of developing breast cancer, it is the most common type of cancer diagnosed in American women, except for skin cancers. In the U.S., 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. As the child of a breast cancer survivor, I understand the importance of early dedication and proper care. 
Legislation can be a powerful tool in the fight against breast cancer, and all types of cancer.

Over the past few years, the Connecticut General Assembly has passed crucial laws to provide resources, close loopholes, and make early detection easier for Connecticut residents.

This year, I proudly supported legislation to require health insurance coverage for breast and ovarian cancer screenings including mammograms, ultrasounds, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), as well as certain procedures related to breast cancer treatment like breast biopsies, certain prophylactic mastectomies, and breast reconstruction surgery. The law also covers BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 genetic testing and prohibits most policies from imposing out-of-pocket costs.

It builds upon a 2019 law that made breast ultrasounds and mammograms available to certain patients at no cost.
Early detection saves lives, and these laws will patient safeguard access to screenings and diagnostics.

You can learn more about the Connecticut Early Detection and Prevention Program here.

Energy Assistance Program Gets Federal Funding Boost

An additional $1 Billion boost in federal funding to the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), allowing for more households to receive the benefit in the state, has been allocated as part of an emergency supplemental aid package recently approved by Congress.

This is great news for Connecticut's low income and working families who rely on CT's Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) to help pay for home heating costs.

Today, more than ever this program provides crucial support to vulnerable homeowners and renters with the costs of heating their homes.  With heating costs expected to rise this winter, this boost in federal support will ensure more families can stay warm.

Don't delay. The application period for the 2022-2023 winter season of the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program is NOW open. I encourage you to apply today!

There are several ways to submit your application: 

  • Online at ct.gov/heatinghelp/apply.
  • Call the office of your local community action agency and request assistance applying, or schedule an in-person appointment  
  • Download and complete the CEAP application, and mail the completed application with the required documents to your local community action agency. 

The contact information and addresses of Connecticut's community action agencies can be found here
Benefits are based on your household’s income and number of family members. Benefits are available for households with incomes up to 60% of the state median income, which equates to roughly $76,400 for a family of four. 

Typically, benefits are  paid directly to the utility company or fuel supplier. Households that heat with deliverable fuels like oil or propane may be eligible for multiple free tank fills.

Applications for the 2022-2023 winter season must be received by May 31, 2023