Eversource Webinar TOMORROW - August 23

August 22, 2022
One of the top issues that face my constituents is the costs of utilities, in particular, Eversource. While the legislature doesn’t control rates, we have been working to address these costs. (The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) is statutorily-charged with ensuring that Connecticut's investor-owned utilities, including the state’s electric, natural gas, water, and telecommunications companies, provide safe, clean, reliable, and affordable utility service and infrastructure.)

In 2020 we introduced and passed legislation -"Take Back Our Grid" - addressing the following:

Performance rate making (no guaranteed ROI)
Customer credits for outages more than 96 hours
Fixing the portion of exec salaries that come from ratepayers
Developing min staffing levels to improve storm responsiveness
Working with regional partners to better leverage competition

These changes fall well short of the kind of fundamental reform that other states have engineered or CT needs. It is a complex issue that I am working through with my colleagues on the Energy and Technology Committee in the CGA. Unfortunately, there are no “quick fixes” and this is one area we need to be strategic, to get real meaningful results.

In the meantime, TOMORROW, Tuesday, August 23, at NOON Eversource CT is hosting a webinar to discuss programs to help individuals with their energy bills.

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