An Update on Concrete Foundations

April 1, 2016

Last night in Manchester, and the week before in South Windsor, I took part in forums to provide information to residents on next steps if they believe their homes' foundations are crumbling due to potentially faulty concrete.

I was joined by fellow legislators, Commissioner Harris of the Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) and Congressman Larson. As the DCP’s investigation continues to play out, we are working diligently with fellow state, local, and federal officials to find potential ways in which we may be able to remedy this devastating situation. The Lieutenant Governor continues to oversee this matter in collaboration with the Departments of Insurance and Banking, Attorney General’s Office and many others.

At the state level, two bills concerning concrete, H.B. 5180, and H.B. 5522, each passed in their respective committees. It is unclear if these bills will come to the full House and Senate for a vote, but regardless of the proposed legislation, I want to remind residents to report their crumbling foundation issue to the Department of Consumer Protection if they believe their home is impacted.

I urge residents to come forward if they believe their home is potentially impacted and submit a complaint form with the department to help the agency in its investigation. When you fill out your complaint form it is important to have as much information as possible, but you may submit with blank sections. You may also include pictures or other evidence from your foundation to show the issues you may have.
All up to date information on the DCP's on-going investigation for consumers and professionals can be found at Please relay any issues or concerns to the department at (860)-713-6100.

To read more about H.B. 5522, visit: