Weekly News

April 1, 2016


This week, we passed a bi-partisan agreement to put the 2016 budget back in balance, and restore the Governor’s cuts to hospitals, social services, and municipal aid.

We cut $220 million from the budget while protecting taxpayers, hospitals, and service providers, and we did it together. As always, we function best when are able to work together across party lines.

Additionally, the Judiciary Committee, on which I serve, passed a bill this week to reform the juvenile justice system.

The bill, SB 18, An Act Concerning a Second Chance Society, is designed primarily to ensure non-violent offenders are successfully reintegrated into society. The proposal also includes raising the juvenile age to 21 and reforming bail.

As this piece of legislation, or any other proposed bill, makes its way to the full Senate and House for a vote, I welcome your input. Please contact me via email or request a meeting to discuss any thoughts or concerns you may have.



Education Committee | 1:00 P.M., LOB. 1E
Insurance and Real Estate Committee | Room LOB. 2D


Informational Hearing on Legalization of Marijuana | 10-5p.m., LOB, 2E *The public is invited to testify from 12-5p.m.