Amazon Delivery Time Woes

December 9, 2022

It was recently brought to my attention by a parent at my daughter's basketball game the frustrations many Mansfield residents are dealing with over delayed delivery times with Amazon. Residents have shared with me that delays are often excessive when compared to surrounding towns and report that they can receive deliveries within shorter timeframes by selecting a delivery location outside the town's boundaries.

I did some research on my own, and confirmed that neighboring towns and zip codes get faster estimated delivery times than here in Mansfield. While not all products have delayed delivery estimates, most did.

So I wrote to Amazon to ask that them to correct a troubling disparity in the delivery times promised to customers in Mansfield when compared to delivery times for other communities in the region.

Letter to Amazon

NBC CT reached out to myself and several Mansfield residents to talk about the Amazon delivery time woes.

While I have not heard back from Amazon, I hope Mansfield residents have their attention and they find a way to deliver on their promise of fast and reliable delivery service. I will update you on new information I receive. 

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