Rep. Allie-Brennan Appointed Chair of House Select Committee on Sustainable and Renewable Energy

January 26, 2023

Speaker of the House Matt Ritter has appointed me as the Chair of the bipartisan House Select Committee on Sustainable and Renewable Energy.

At our first meeting, I put forward an agenda to focus on ways Connecticut can leverage and maximize the Inflation Reduction Act, which is federal legislation that provides hundreds of billions of dollars of federal tax credits, incentives, competitive loans, and grants aimed at saving families money on their energy bills and accelerating the deployment of clean energy, vehicles, buildings, and manufacturing.

The volume of federal tax credits and loans that flow from the Inflation Reduction Act to Connecticut ratepayers will depend on how aggressively the state directs agencies and utilities to take advantage of them. These investments could create millions of Connecticut jobs and lower power costs for residential and business customers by replacing more expensive fossil fuels with cheaper clean energy.

I will ensure the state takes prompt and vigorous action to ensure we can fully maximize this opportunity. I have called on my colleagues in the Executive Branch to work closely with us on helping residents get some relief from high energy bills.