Beware of Tax Scams!

March 29, 2023
We're in the heart of tax season. As you file, I urge you to be mindful of potential scams. The IRS produces a list of "dirty dozen" tax scams.  While these scams can occur year-round, they tend to increase during this time of the year. It’s wise to stay on top of the latest list of common issues - and take some simple steps to stay safe from them.
A great way to protect yourself is to do additional research on anything that seems suspicious. Do not click on an email or a link to an unfamiliar website. Never give out any personal information - especially your Social Security Number - to someone claiming to represent the IRS over the phone or online. When in doubt, visit for additional guidance.
Filing taxes can be a stressful process. Avoiding these scams can prevent an even larger headache.

The deadline to file is April 18.